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Wild Cat coming to Namibia!

We have a bird telling us that Wild Cat Energy Drink will be reaching the lands of Namibia any time soon. Yes, that’s in Africa if you didn’t already now.  We will keep you updated once we receive some good news. Read more about Namibia .. The history of this...

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Wild Cat Energy Drink signs a deal with major bars & clubs in Leicester.

12 jan 14 (2)
Taking the likes of Redbull and major Energy Drinks off the shelves: Special mentions to our Club, Bar and Pubs Partners: Bows Strings: I Ghost Night Club: I Mars Bar: I Bar Sirius: I Mix’d Café Bar: I Venom Club & Lounge: Club Republic Leicester: For energy...

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Wild Cat Drink Commercial Coming Soon!

1 jan 14 (2)
5 commercials – 4 locations and 4 themes. the wild cat energy drink team would like to thank kaoska fashion house uk, evergreen media europe, trace me in, djukes records, thedeadeye, the entire crew members and work force team who made the commercial filming a great success!! special thanks to:...

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