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Partnering with a Licensee Around The Globe

Grant of License To Operate the WildCat Energy Drink Brand 

Partnering with a Licensee Around The Globe.

The rights of our partners in the form of Franchise or Exclusive Distribution is usually granted on the basis that the licensee adopts and uses, during the licensed period, the international franchise business policy and the detailed information provided by the organisation and its management teams.

WildCat may amend and usually update its policies on a monthly basis in accordance and approval of the brands policies in connection with the manufacturing and/or importation, distribution and branding methods of the Company’s products and beverages, that are designated and trademarked by the Company throughout the globe.

Be in touch if you feel that you are able to work with us and our policies in any part of the international market.

Do contact us and email info@wildcatenergydrinks.com for further details on how to partner with the wildcat brands. #WildCatEnergy #GlobalTakeOver #GlobalPartnership #Franchising

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