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About Wildcat Energy

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Since 2010

In The Beginning

After several sampling tests, the formula of Wild Cat Energy Drink, the brand and its ingredient was completed in August 2010 which lead to launching in Europe’s highest consuming nations – The United Kingdom and Poland. WildCatEnergy

Manufacturing Base

Our Manufacturing base “PHU Nord” with a vast technical team develops, produces, and engages in the logistics of our brand worldwide. Over the years we currently hold offices in Leicester, Warsaw, Toronto, Ahmadabad, Lagos and Sao Paolo – creating distribution channels in over 22 countries, including parts of Europe, Africa, Americas and the Middle East.
Our house brand is modern and has a constantly developing theme, hence producing over 20 million cans and exceeded our own expectations!

Customer Satisfaction

We are driven by desire to ensure customers purchase our product in preference to other energy drinks on the market, by focusing on “customer satisfaction”.

Our prime motivation is to produce a drink that enhances performance through improved concentration and confidence.

Head Offices

Our headquarters are located in Leicester, the heart of England. We work in the nation’s leading environmental city within sights of beautiful forestry and fields.

We look forward to your support and cooperation, and wish the industry a great and prosperous 2017.

Welcome to the land of the WildCats!

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