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Increase Your Concentration Levels With WildCat Energy Drink

With WildCat Energy Drink you are able to increase your concentration levels and performance .. The taurine and caffeine content in the regular flavour helps with psychophysical strength. Concentration is the secret of Strength … add a little #WildCatEnergy and it makes it #ThePerfectMix Increase Your Concentration Levels with WildCat Energy Drink.

Recent research has indicated that energy drinks are the most popular supplement besides multivitamins in the American adolescent and young adult population (17,28). More than 30% of all American male and female adolescents use these supplements on a regular basis. Energy drinks are also reported to be the most popular supplement (41.7% of the 403 athletes surveyed) among young (17.7 ± 2.0 years) elite British athletes (40).

The primary reason for their use is thought to be related to a desire for reducing or controlling body fat (6,13,17,28). However, many competitive athletes also use these energy drinks for their potential ergogenic effect. The basic active ingredient in these energy drinks is caffeine, and although ergogenic benefits have been seen with caffeine supplementation in doses ranging from 3 to 9 mg·kg−1 (equivalent to approximately 1.5-3.5 cups of automatic drip coffee in a 70-kg person), there does appear to be a difference in the ergogenic potential when caffeine is ingested in a food source (energy drinks) compared with its anhydrous form. Although both forms have been shown to provide an ergogenic effect and the performance levels are high, the magnitude of performance improvements appears to be greater when caffeine is ingested in tablet form (21).

WildCatEnergy Drink consumed responsibly provides the energy boost and improves concentration and performance levels. Why not try our regular energy drink flavour and then let us know how you perform.

Please do contact us for further information as we are here to help … info@wildcatenergydrinks.com

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