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Wildcat Energy drink production launch in India

Wildcat Energy drink production launch in India  as long time business partners SK Group India today announced that it plans to expand the production process to Indian market in February this year with the fast selling two wildcat flavours WildCat Regular and Sugar Free. The first of the set, to be produced, distributed and marketed by the SK Group system, will be available in the 250ml alluminium format at retailers in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

In support of WildCat’s announcement, The SK Group said:

“We know people are already in love with the WildCat brand but now we are going to produce within India, saving costs, time and bring efficiency in the supply. As longtime partners of WildCat, we look forward to working together to expand the reach and availability to more people across the region. Local production will save us months in preperation and meet the high demands. http://www.wildcatenergydrinks.com/wildcat-energy-drink-production-launch-india/

Wildcat Energy drink production launch in India is a great achievement for Wildcat as the company now has great opportunities in the south Asia market.

In Events such as crickets games , Wildcat energy drink will now be the good companion for fans as they stay alert during a cricket game watching their favourite  player like Virat Kholi.


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