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WildCat’s Refreshing Branding, Formula and Taste

Our refreshing smooth taste, eloquently designed can and growing demand for Wild Cat is spear-heading our brand recognition in the market place, positioning Wild Cat as the energy drink of the next decade.

Most energy drink brands have been designed with colours such as red/ blue/silver making the brand very masculine.

The use of Red, Black and Silver allows the opportunity for differentiation:

the red side of the spectrum is an obvious choice for “active” or “dangerous” metaphors.

Black focuses on the sleekness and modesty levels of human nature. Whereas, the Silver side brings loyalty and sparkle to ones mind.

Be it at college, at work, during leisure or in sports, at a certain age we tend to operate at a fast paced lifestyle, hence living in the kingdom of the “concrete jungle”.

Our aim of combining such a unique colour scheme including enhanced branding, it’s superior taste and stunning looks, brings a sense of dominance and pride to ones lifestyle. Whether placed on a shelf or held in your hands, creating a must have feeling regardless of the gender, age or race.

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