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Wild Cat Energy Drink Trademark / Copyright Infringement Notice

We have numerously tried through all means to contact various companies and online account holders who are copying, pirating and producing our IP brand Wild Cat Energy Drink. We have tried to reach a resolution in a way that benefits all. Unfortunately we have failed to fix the trademark infringement. Wild Cat Energy Drink Trademark Copyright Infringement Notice.

Social Media:
Google, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and all social media sites recognise that a trademark is a word, symbol or combination that identifies the source of a product and distinguishes it from other products. The Company Wild Cat Energy Drink Ltd based in the United Kingdom has legally invented and acquired the trademark of the brand Wild Cat Energy Drink through the Madrid International Trademark Registration No 1125579. This registration covers most parts of the world and other individual trademarks registered successfully since 2010. This legal acquisition of the IP rights and trademark gives the owners exclusive rights to the brand. Gives owners exclusive rights concerning the energy drink product production, marketing and global distribution.

Consumer Confusion:
More important Retailers and Consumers around the world are aware that we are fully operating and promoting the brand in various parts of the world since inception. Therefore the confusion that these counterfeit products that various social media channels promote is causing harm. Causing concerns to our Consumers, the Company, our Franchisees and our Distributors. More important harms the Business Operation in parts of America, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Poland, Africa, Middle East, Asia etc. 

Wild Cat Energy Drink Trademark / Copyright Infringement Notice.
Trademark infringement is legally recognised as “improper conduct” and is deemed “unauthorised use of a trademark” in a way that is likely to cause confusion as to the source of the product. In particular Google, Youtube policies prohibit videos and channels that infringe trademarks. Therefore we have identified identical names and products in a way that causes confusion to viewers, channels, retailers and product consumers. We strongly request companies not to copy or counterfeit the brand WildCat Energy Drink WildCat with immediate effect.  

Legal Rights:
We have legal rights to the brand Internationally registered in countries with direct legal representation like China, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Hongkong, Nigeria, Cameroon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc.

Keeping A Close Eye:
We are monitoring this matter closes with the legal representatives of #Twitter #LinkedIn #Facebook #Instagram #Youtube #Google etc to take action on infringed content and illegitimate promotion. #WildCatEnergyDrink these channels have assisted us in the past by removing infringed videos, sites, images and content and we will continue to conclude the same again and again.  

Injunction Notice:
Under the trademark infringement law counterfeit adverts create a likelihood of consumer confusion.
To file a lawsuit against these promotions, we would be entitled to seek: (1) preliminary and permanent injunctions; (2) actual monetary damages; (3) disgorging of any profits realised through these promotions; (4) reimbursement of attorney’s fees required to prosecute a lawsuit against these promotions; and (5) monetary damages for damage to the brands goodwill. 

Be advised that our legal representatives will undertake all appropriate actions to protect the company Wild Cat Energy Drink Ltd, the brand Wild Cat Energy Drink, WildCat Energy Drink and the Global Partners/Investors, the aforementioned registered trademarks and its associated goodwill. 

We recommend companies like http://bigtreebev.com and https://www.essensworld.com and any new upcoming company who are planning to pirate and copy the mark #WildCatEnergyDrink and Wild Cat Energy Drink to take this matter to their legal advisors before taking any kind of further actions. We hereby give legal notice to immediately cease and desist from any and all infringing activity. Including use of the associated identical energy drink product, false advertisement and promotion.

Any legal representatives, attorney’s have any questions, please do not hesitate and feel free to contact the brand immediately. 

Legal Advisory Board

Wild Cat Energy Drink Ltd
Head Office |
24 High View Close,
Vantage Business Park, 
Leicester, UK, LE4 9LJ

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