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Can you help save the Scottish wildcat ?

The Scottish wildcat is endangered by interbreeding with the closely-related domestic cat and the resultant hybridisation is pushing the wildcat into extinction. In order to “turn off the taps” of the flow of domestic cats into the wider countryside, where they can create considerable problems for wildcats and other wildlife, the Cairngorms Wildcat Project is working with Cats Protection, local vets and the general public to intensify and expand the neutering of feral cats in and around the National Park.

This would involve the trapping of feral cats in specially-designed cage-traps and transporting them to local vets where they would be neutered. In line with Cats Protection policy, the cats would then be returned to the location where they were trapped, very often farms where they are valued by farmers for controlling mice and rats. Cats Protection is looking to recruit new volunteer trappers in and around the National Park, http://www.highlandtiger.com/wildcat_blog.asp?Page=10

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