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Energy Drink Roundup 2010

Back in March 2009 we were foolish enough to taste-test a bounty of energy drinks, exposing our withered bodies and battered taste buds to an assault of chemicals, caffeine and taurine. The result was a general consensus that energy shots were evil, and that we all had a headache.

Energy Drink Roundup 2010

Fast-forward to today and the memories of that fateful March day have faded. So much so, in fact, that we even appear to be hungry for more. As such, we lined up some of the choice energy drinks available in the UK, along with a few cheeky American imports, to check out the latest in liquid energy. Your hosts are Alex Watson, Ben Hardwidge, Harry Butler, Joe Martin and Paul Goodhead. Mountain Dew: Code Red http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2010/12/30/energy-drink-roundup/1

Energy Drink Roundup 2010

Energy drinks are a staple of the average gamer’s diet – the average LAN party goer will consume up to three cans of energy drink per day, and attendees’ desks are often littered with empty cans. However, there are a lot of energy drinks out there vying for your LANing attention, and some taste better than others. We’ve got ten cans and bottles of various drink to see just how tasty or nasty they are. 

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