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Energy Drinks and Energy Shots – US – August 2011

Energy Drinks and Energy Shots – US – August 2011
This report explores the energy drinks and shots market. The market has recovered admirably from the throes of the recession and grew 15.4% from 2010-11, after slowing down to a growth rate of 4.8% from 2008-09. Energy drinks and shots continue to thrive for their functional positioning, particularly providing an energy boost. However, the market faces its own set of issues, the biggest one focused on the possibly harmful side effects of consuming energy drinks and shots. This report addresses these and other issues and explores growth-driving opportunities including:

The steps energy drinks and energy shots makers can take to alleviate the concern about product safety. The importance of packaging size and flavor variety in attracting consumers Key brands’ performance in each segment and leading brands’ marketing strategy.

Impact of the growth in energy shots on energy drinks’ sales. Innovative product positioning and attributes that best attract increasingly health-conscious consumers. Reasons nonusers do not drink energy drinks and shots, and steps marketers can take to attract nonusers to the market. Read more http://oxygen.mintel.com/display/542980/#

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