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Global Energy Drinks Market Spurts Ahead to $37 billion. Press release

Global energy drink consumption surged by 14% in 2011 to 4.8 billion litres, adding over 1.5 billion litres since 2007, according to the latest report from leading food and drink consultancy Zenith International. Average growth over the past five years has been 10% a year. Value has risen even more sharply, by an average 13% a year, to €26,500 million or $37,000 million in 2011. Energy shots have rocketed from $2,000 million in 2007 to over $4,700 million last year. “Energy drinks remain the most dynamic segment in the soft drinks market, with strong growth in most countries. This is testament to its combination of both fun and functionality,” commented Zenith Market Intelligence Director Esther Renfrew.

The top ten consuming countries among the 57 covered by the Zenith report were the United States, Vietnam, China, United Kingdom, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Poland and Saudi Arabia. Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Israel had the highest consumption per person. North America is still the leading region, with 36% of global volume in 2011, followed by Asia Pacific with 22% and West Europe with 17%. Latin America has made significant gains over the last few years, rising to a 7% share.

Australasia has also seen its volume share nearly double to 4%. Among other findings in the Zenith 2011 Global Energy Drinks report Read more http://www.zenithinternational.com/articles/1012

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