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P Diddy: “Drake Gave Me Advice…”

P Diddy: “Drake Gave Me Advice…” The hip-hop mogul is impressed by the newcomer… MTV .co.uk

Rapper and mogul P Diddy has talked about how serious Drake is about his artistry. According to Diddy, Drizzy took time out to lock himself away at his home to work on new music, something which he admired about the Young Money MC. He told MTV News US: “I wanted to be smart enough to go to the newest generation, the flyest, young gun of MCs and writers and humbly ask them for help. To be honest, a lot of cats were busy.

I can respect that. But Drake took the time to stop what he was doing and he was the hottest one in the game. He came to my house for two days; we went to Canada for three days. Drake gave me advice for records when I needed somebody else, a fresh ear and he went above and beyond. “I appreciate him for that. This is a big record for us because of that and because of the way he treated me and we didn’t really know each other. He treated me with so much respect, so much love. And he’s one of my favourite MCs, period, so working with him was dope.” http://www.mtv.co.uk/p-diddy/news/p-diddy-drake-gave-me-advice


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