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Responsible drinking issues around the world – The IARD Digest – July 2018

Responsible drinking issues around the world – The IARD Digest – July 2018

The 11 companies reached over 6m underage consumers through face-to-face interactions to reduce underage drinking in the commitments’ first five years. They also delivered more than a thousand drink driving prevention programmes, and included responsible advertising code compliance clauses in 97% of advertising agency contracts. IARD president & CEO Henry Ashworth said that a “whole-of-society approach is critical in delivering sustainable development locally, nationally and globally and our collective efforts can go much further if we move from a shared agenda to shared solutions”.

  • Global – Barack Obama calls on wine producers to work together to reduce climate change

Former US president Barack Obama recently urged businesses to share working strategies and to engage governments collectively to reduce the effects of climate change, stating that for “winemakers to share best practice in the face of rising temperatures makes perfect sense”.

Obama was addressing participants at the Climate Change Leadership conference in Porto, Portugal, which was co-organised by wine and port producers. Port producer Fladgate Partnership commented that the winemaker-led initiative was a
“binding commitment to make a greater contribution to mitigating climate change”.

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