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The 101 Benefits of Inositol www.goodlifeguide.net

The 101 Benefits of Inositol www.goodlifeguide.net

Anyone with high cholesterol, diabetes, liver problems, high blood pressure, excess stress or who drinks coffee, needs to know about the value of inositol to help naturally restore health and wellness. Inositol is a fundamental part of every cell.

It combines with many other nutrients to perform a great variety of functions. Inositol can aid in reducing blood levels of cholesterol, reverse nerve damage from diabetes, help breakdown and redistribute body fat, maintain proper levels of the brain’s neurotransmitters, relieve depression, reduce obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD), lower blood pressure and even help prevent hair loss. How can one nutrient do so much? Because it’s an essential part of how cells communicate with one another. Inositol is required for many different operations within your body, including proper liver functioning, as well as creating the insulating myelin sheath around your nerves and for metabolizing fats to protect your heart and kidneys.



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