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Wild Cat Hits The Headlines At The End Of 2013

An energy drinks company is taking the global players on at their own game. Wild Cat Energy Drink, of Leicester, is investing a small fortune on marketing and branding its new product and is talking to distributors around the world. The business is already supplying countries such as Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India and Canada, as well as bars and shops closer to home in the UK. Founders Hasnein Dhirani and Kassim Rajani believe they can take a share of the growing multi-billion pound sector


Austrian-based Red Bull alone saw global revenues hit almost £4 billion in 2012. The two directors have invested £400,000 in Wild Cat over the past two years developing a marketing strategy, finding a manufacturer in Poland and working on possible markets in areas such as Eastern Europe, China and Africa. Mr Rajani said: “We want to become a major global brand based in Leicester like Walkers, Next or Cofresh. We have a five-year plan. We think the market is unlimited. We launched in the UK in March and have made about three million cans we want to get that up to 300 million. “It’s all about branding, and if we can create a household name, the product will go stratospheric.” Mr Dhirani said: “We’re already selling it in 12 countries and taking that further all comes down to money and marketing and what we can put into it.

We are trying to create a lifestyle brand we want people to walk into a shop and ask for a Wild Cat energy drink.” The pair started the business at the end of 2011 after selling their clothes shop in High Street, Leicester. Mr Rajani said: “We came up with the idea with a partner in Poland who had the connections to manufacture there.

The factory where it is made is already a major player in the global drinks industry, but we are working up to having our own plant one day.” Mr Dhirani said: “We came up with the idea after looking at lots of options.

͞When we thought about it, the energy drinks sector seemed right as it’s a $37 billion industry which is growing year-on-year. The forecast growth in the UK is 20 to 25 per cent a year, while in India it’s 50 per cent. “We went for the name Wild Cat because it just sits right.” The business recently moved into a new office in Vantage Business Park, Hamilton. Among the super-distributors they are trying to win are India’s multi-billion pound United Breweries Group, Leicester City Football Club’s Thai-based owner King Power and a major operator in Nigeria. Mr Rajani said: “Those three alone would cover India, Africa and Asia, and after that the US would come begging. That would make us a truly global brand. “We also really want to be able to hit the UK market because it’s in the top 10. Then India is a huge market. In Europe there are so many different languages, which makes it a bit harder, but in India English is the second language so it’s really not such a drawback. “We are in the process of sending 300,000 cans out there to Mumbai and Gujarat, where we have an office.

͞We’re also finding it’s easier to go into third world countries because they are untapped.” The pair have been working with Government export support body UK Trade and Investment, which has helped them build links with possible suppliers. Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Wild-Cat-showing-claws-biggest-global-rivals/story-20379046-detail/story.html#ixzz2qYigSmc4

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