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Wildcat announces sales into Brazil Makro stores

WildCat announces sales into Brazil Makro stores.[wdi_feed id=”1″]

In November 2017, Wildcat announces sales into Brazil Makro stores. WildCat Franchisee Brado grabbed the opportunity to tie with the Macro Chain Outlets The first part of the supplies introduces the regular flavour in 30 national stores and the CEO Mr Lucas Tome projects all 86 stores by the second quarter of 2018.  Taste sampling events have taken place in Sao Paolo and neigbouring regions and In February the likes of Reo Deginero. For further information visit www.wildcatenergydrinks.com/brasil

Makro is a cash-and-carry wholesaler that sells high volumes of food and non-food at low prices to professional customers. In South America, Makro operates over 160 stores in five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. More information about Makro’s business can be found on our individual country website, by clicking on the respective flag at the side of this page.

The introduction of Wildcat in Brazil Makro Stores gives the opportunity to all the south American energy drink the opportunity to buy Wildcat energy drinks in bulk and saving a lot of money.

The energy drink market is expanding everyday as customer need a stimulant for their hectic day to day life.


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