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WildCat Energy Drink Production Procedures

WildCat Energy Drink Production Procedures …
WildCat bottling or manufacturing involves five major processes, each with its own safety issues that must be evaluated and controlled.
1.     Treating water
2.     Compounding ingredients
3.     Carbonating product
4.     Filling product
5.     Packaging.

WildCat Energy Drink production procedures and manufacturing starts with water, which is treated and cleansed to meet exacting quality-control standards, usually exceeding the quality of the local water supply. This process is critical to achieving high product quality and consistent taste profiles.

It is during this stage of the production process that food coloring is added. WildCat receives the desired flavoring (concentrate) at this stage, while plain waters are stored in the mixing tanks until the filling line calls for them. 
In order for carbonation (absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2)) to occur, WildCat is cooled using large, ammonia-based refrigeration systems.

This is what gives WildCat products the effervescence and texture. CO2 is stored in a liquid state and piped into carbonation units as needed. This process can be manipulated to control the required rate of beverage absorption. Depending on the market demand, WildCat may contain from up to 75 psi of CO2. Once carbonated, the product is ready to be dispensed into bottles and or cans.
The filling room usually is separated from the rest of the facility, protecting open product from any possible contaminants. Again, the highly automated filling operation requires a minimal number of personnel. Filling room operators monitor the equipment for efficiency, adding bulk lids or caps to the capping operation as necessary. Empty bottles and cans are transported automatically to the filling machine via bulk material-handling equipment.

As ingredients are being compounded, the treated water is piped into large, stainless-steel tanks. This is the stage at which various ingredients are added and mixed. WildCat Sugar Free and Zero Calorie are mixed with artificial, non-nutritive sweeteners such as saccharin, whereas our regular flavor typically uses liquid sugars sucrose. For further information on how our products are manufactured and distributed in the market contact:
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