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WildCat Drink Product Launch

WildCat Production Launch

Wild Cat Energy Drink product launch in Leicester United Kingdom.
Starts its first delivery into Warsaw Retail Sector. Starts its first testing in Nigeria (West Africa) starts its first testing in the United States of America. Starts its first distribution in Athens, Greece Europe. WildCat Production Launch

Wild Cat Energy Drink Ltd herein also knows as WildCat or the Company, or according to certain agreements the Franchisor, the Licensor, the Brand applied for its first trademark in the European Union in 2010. Since then, the number of WildCat Licensees have grown significantly having the production facilities in Warsaw Poland and Derby United Kingdom.

We are driven by a desire to ensure customers purchase our product in preference to other energy drinks on the market, primarily focusing on keeping our customers and consumers satisfied at all times. With a mission to deliver an outstanding product and service with an everlasting sense of improvement.

We commit to work fairly with our customers and business partners enhancing a cooperation which will help both parties to grow and establish a market share in years to come.

In order to create brand awareness we are continuously learning, improving our
marketing strategy and expanding our distribution network through intensifying our
research and developing our regional portfolio. While our roots are fairly fertile we
have already changed our style of working by aligning Wild Cat to the leading brands in the energy drinks industry.

As promised, we have continued to enhance Wild Cat and this year we have
completed the process of launching our ingredient as Suitable for Vegetarians.
With this addition we are proud and confident to say that no energy drinks product
comes close in terms of functionality, quality and branding. Our prime motivation is to produce a drink that enhances performance through improved concentration and
self confidence.

For further details on WildCat Production Launch go to www.wildcatenergydrinks.com or for distribution contact info@wildcatenergydrinks.com

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