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WildCat’s Business Management Structure

The Structure involves the owners and senior directors at the top of the structure and this is where the Licensees report to as part of the business policy which form WildCat’s Business Management Structure.

All Licensees must be the point of contact and head of the corporate structure within their territory. The Licensees should be the head of the structure and manage employees beneath them at all times.

The Licensees are expected to employ Ceo’s, Director’s, Managers or Heads of Deparments, which the Licensee at all time must oversee.

WildCat’s Business Management Corporate Structure.

Although there are many types of Organisational Structure and our licensees are free to apply any structure suitable for your franchise based on country and culture. We would recommend to apply the Traditional Hierarchy Structure.

This is the most traditional organizational structures that businesses use. There’s an executive at the top of the heap, the director tier, people responsible for each area and teams of people who do the work in each department. 

The Licensee should be able to outline their ideals in terms of the preferred hierarchical business structure of his/her choice and justify why this type of structure is suited to the management of the business.

We recommend that the structure of the business is more flat than tall, so that communication lines within the business are more efficient; this usually means that the Licensee is more understanding of their internal environment and its capabilities.

A more efficient communication line through the business means that WildCat is better equipped to react to changes in the external market quickly making the brand operation more flexible and durable.

To become a WildCat brand distributor, ambassador or take part in the team contact us and we can further discuss the prospects of developing the brand in your region.

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