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BLUE04 Named Official Water Sponsor of USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling has named BLUEO4® as its official water sponsor. BLUEO4® is the premier oxygen enhanced electrolyte water beverage.

BLUEO4® will provide products and services for USA Wrestling events and national teams, as well as participate in a number of other cooperative projects.

“USA Wrestling is excited to partner with BLUEO4® and welcome them to the USA Wrestling corporate partnership family. We are confident that this relationship will provide a positive impact on USA Wrestling members and its many programs”, said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender.

As stated by the BLUEO4® executive team, “BLUEO4® embraces hydration the way Mother Nature intended… Oxygen, Water and Minerals. With BLUEO4®, the cycle is complete…a true hydration experience.”

“BLUEO4® is looking forward to a long term relationship with USA Wrestling and enthusiastically supports its 2020 Vision – Keep the Dream Alive initiative.”

With its unique proprietary 41-mineral blend of “O4”, BLUEO4®, provides the most bioavailable oxygen contained in a zero calorie/zero sugar water beverage.

By bringing simplicity back to the understanding of hydration and natural energy, BLUEO4®is one of the few water beverages on the market today offering an elevated level of oxygen in each bottle promoting natural energy as well as good health and wellness.

In an effort to reduce to its global footprint, BLUEO4®bottles are made of rPet recyclable plastic and are available in 12oz and 20oz sizes.

Studies show that benefits of extra oxygen may include reduced muscle fatigue, reduced lactate acid build up, increased pure energy–oxygen, reduces muscle cramping (sports, menstrual), reduces recovery time from injuries and exertion, and increases alertness. Further benefits may include: flush of toxins and impurities, reduces headaches, stress, jet lag and altitude sickness, and increases overall health and wellness.

BLUEO4® products have already been available at USA Wrestling events and activities.

BLUEO4® is an oxygen enhanced water beverage containing a 41 mineral/electrolyte blend in it’s proprietary “O4” compound. BLUEO4® is pH balanced with zero sugar/zero calories. BLUEO4® ownership includes seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady.

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