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Unbeatable Red Bull: how do they keep winning Formula 1 title year after year?

BBC’s F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson gives Telegraph Sport the lowdown on the reasons why Sebastian Vettel, Christian Horner and the team at Milton Keynes keep destroying the Formula 1 competition.

They’ve won the F1 constructor’s title four years in a row, as well as the last four driver’s titles. How do Red Bull do it?

1. The designer: Adrian Newey
“The biggest thing in general terms that makes the car better than its rivals is that Red Bull understand it so well. Adrian Newey [Red Bull’s chief technical officer] has a picture of the car in his mind and he can cut that picture up into small parts and give them to his technical team to work on. Ferrari, by contrast, have got a jigsaw. They haven’t got a picture. And so they have no idea how it will look when it’s pieced together.”

2. The technical team
“Whenever you get data back from the wind tunnel you get so many numbers. Red Bull are better at what they tick, what they cross out and what they put a question mark beside. Other teams fire bits at the car and they hope that they might work. They stand there looking at the stopwatch, hoping. Analysing that data from the wind tunnel is so important.”

3. The front wing
“The most vital component on a Formula One car. The airflow coming off the front wing is what the rest of the car works with. The detail and efficiency are all there on the RB9.”

4. Downforce
“The RB9 has a very high rake, which is great if you can make it work. If you can get the exhaust pipe detail working right it means you get more downforce. The Red Bull car has not just got lots of downforce, it’s good downforce. Downforce a driver can use.”


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