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Energy drinks can be useful when you’re training hard and need an extra boost for a tough session. They can also be used as a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon at the office, but it’s important you don’t get to the stage where you become reliant on them. When used in the right context,

September 13, 2014
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Former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger believes football is tackling homophobia, despite there being no openly gay players in the Premier League. Hitzlsperger is the most prominent footballer to reveal he is gay. The ex-Germany international is part of the Rainbow Laces campaign, which aims to show support to address homophobia. “To see the progress is phenomenal

May 8, 2014
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FA Commission: New four-point plan to boost England football. The creation of a new tier within the Football League to accommodate Premier League B teams is at the heart of the Football Association commission’s four-point plan to boost English football. The review also calls for a ban on non-European Union players outside of the top

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