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Energy drink maker Red Bull charges into game publishing


Beverage company Red Bull is set to spread its wiiiings ever further, as it moves into video game publishing. Not content with selling 4.5 bullion cans of drink each year, Red Bull will co-publish Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for Xbox Live Arcade this winter, alongside Microsoft Studios.

What on earth is Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect? Well, it’s a virtual version of the company’s Crashed Ice event – an extreme winter sport that’s a bit like ski cross on ice skates.

The game will let four players shuffle across their living rooms at once, with local split-screen and online multiplayer.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is being developed by Bongfish, the team who made Stoked: Big Air Edition and last year’s free and Doritos-funded XBLA title Harms Way.

“For any developer it’s a huge opportunity getting their hands on a fresh IP like Crashed Ice,” Bongfish director Michael Putz said. “Combining the nature of this unique sport with the power of Kinect should result in an outstanding experience and evolve digital sports to its next level.”

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