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Key Employees WildCat Energy

April 22, 2021
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All our brand Licensee’s are required to employ adequate personnel so as to operate the Wild Cat Energy Drink brand operation at the maximum capacity and efficiency; Key Employees WildCat Energy Drink.

All employees while working on the distribution, marketing and sales of the operation are to:

a) present a neat and clean appearance, and to demonstrate respect when engaging with customers or sub-contractors. Key Employees WildCat Energy Drink.

b) render highly competent and courteous service to all personnel’s involved directly or indirectly with the Wild Cat Energy Drink brand and to whom the beverage is being delivered to;

A brand Licensee may wish to sell his or her License Agreement to one of his or her key employees.

Before a sale to a key employee can be considered, the employee must meet the following requirements. He or she must have:

a) A minimum of 2 years’ service in the WildCat Operation

b) The Business Policy management experience

c) Achieved high performance review rating during the previous 12 months

d) Sufficient personal funds to meet the financial requirements

e) Support from the Licensee and one of the Company’s Senior Director of Franchising.

If these criteria are met, the employee may then apply to become an approved Licensee. WildCat will interview the employee and he or she will be treated in the same way as other License candidates.

If the employee becomes an approved Licensee and the sale of the franchise and distribution operation is approved, the transaction must be completed within an agreed timeframe or the employee will no longer be deemed to be approved.

The price agreed will be entirely between the two parties, but the transaction must be approved by the Companies Senior Director.

WildCat is under no obligation to offer any of its employee an alternative territory rights.

To become and brand distributor or licensee, contact us for various territories. Does not matter how small the market is we want to explore and supply the wildcat brands all over.

Email: info@wildcatenergydrinks.com and ask for Jarrod K or HD

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