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WildCatEnergy People & Employees

March 26, 2021
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The People and Employees of WildCatEnergy

Our brand Licensee in various countries work on a progressive and effective people strategy to recruit, develop and retain qualified personnel to operate and build the brand distribution, whilst complying with employment law within the regions. The measurement guide line below provides a brief indication of how our licensees consider WildCatEnergy People & Employees :

The measurement guidelines include:
a) Documenting an effective People Strategy that is regularly reviewed.
b) Consistently adhering to applicable employment laws and any relevant policies.
c) Regularly retrain employees in relevant areas such as Sales and Marketing Management Curriculum, as maybe determined, to remain up to date with operational procedures and current management and People Practices within the territory – e.g. the Licensee or its employees attend the appropriate courses required by law over the course of the distribution period.
d) Departments managed by fairly trained managers.
e) Establish an effective management and crew development programme.
f) Having an adequate level of Salaried Managers, certified Managers and trained staff to manage the needs of the business.
g) Prepare a recruitment plan, monitor turnover levels and implements appropriate plans, which can be implemented and reviewed.
h) Continuously seek some anonymous feedback (e.g. Opinion Survey) from the management in each department within the first 12 months and implement an action plan.

Our Licensee are advised to cause all employees, while working on the distribution, marketing and sales to:
a) Present a neat and clean appearance, wear adicute brand uniform and to demonstrate respect when engaging with customers or sub-contractors.

b) Render highly competent and courteous service to all personnel involved directly or indirectly, presenting the WildCat products and to whom the beverage is being delivered to.

For further information on how to become a WildCat Energy Drink brand Licensee or Distributor please browse through our contact centre provided.

Email: info@wildcatenergydrinks.com
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