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To Beverage Importers / Distributors Around The Globe – A Message From The Board

Dear Beverage Importer,
Message From The Board To Beverage Importers / Distributors Around The Globe.
In 2018, WildCat received thousands of enquiries. Most of these were asking to represent and/or import the WildCat Energy Drinks beverage in their national country. We are very grateful for the interest in WildCat and appreciate all of the contacts made over the year.
The enquiries should not come as a surprise to us as WildCat is the world’s first “vegan” energy drink, free of any animal extracts. We produce four vegan flavours: regular, zero calorie, cola energy and the sugar free range. In addition, we are looking into formulating a berry and lime energy cocktail in 2019.
This year, we are going to emphasise the smartest option of producing the WildCat beverage range which is locally in your country. This will allow our potential partners to avoid additional import taxes and duties.
Therefore, it would be our pleasure to help you to start a local production under license of our parents companies Wild Cat Energy Drink Ltd or WildCat Beverages Ltd .
For more information, email info@wildcatenergydrinks.com with the headline: Re: Franchising Opportunity. Furthermore, to keep updated on the latest WildCat news, visit our LinkedIn brand marketing page or the News section on our website.
Here’s to great and prosperous 2019.
Until next time Arios, Goodbye, Chao.
Team WildCatEnergy

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