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WildCat Energy Drink Launches Its First Distribution Centre in Mexico

WildCat Energy Drink Launches Its First Distribution Centre in Mexico
London, England – January 08, 2019

By: Jarrod Katandra

WildCat Energy Drink TM today introduces its first distribution centre in Toluca Mexico, consumer’s will be able to find the brand in local retailers from February 2019 of which widely available in Oxxo Convenient Stores including the latest revolutionary Cola Energy and the magical Zero Calorie flavours.

WildCat’s distributional centre in Mexico features the production, marketing and sales of the UK energy drink brand, and promises to sponsor leading celebrities and sports personalities in the South American continent. The distributional centre will also offer a wide selection of flavours to various other Latin American markets including the likes of Argentina, Columbia and Paraguay and will be the only place to produce the 500ml Monster Can.

“We are thrilled to have received approvals from the Mexican registrar office and excited to open our latest franchise in Mexico,” said the companies Vice President Kassim Rajani, WildCat’s Senior Director. “With the exact taste similarities, production facilities and saving months of transit time, the latest WildCat Distribution Centre is a great destination for the brands followers in Mexico.”

Mexico is classed as the second largest beverage consumer in the world after the United States of America. Just in time for the new year, all plans have been worked on and after the franchise success in Brazil in 2017, WildCat continues to focus on developing the brand across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Signature Regular Flavour is relevantly compared to be one of the finest blends, one of the only suitable for vegetarian energy drinks on the market and will be available to purchase in various sizes.

The First ever Distribution Centre in Mexico has the plans to tie up with the online giant Amazon which will allow eligible students and retailers alike to take advantage of a special pricing on WildCat products and prompt delivery.

Also starting from the new year, consumers in Mexico can access WildCat’s outstanding site in simplified Spanish, with localized featured news and charts of the most popular retail outlets in Mexico where WildCat will be available. The site will offer information on local sponsorship, latest business, news, sports, health and references.

WildCat designs beverages, arguably the finest energy drink taste in UK according to IFE 2013, along with personalised merchandise and global sports sponsorships. WildCat leads the energy drink sector in the Maldives and plans to be in the top 5 energy drink brands in Mexico within the next 3 years.

The Companies aims to reinstate business relationships between the UK and Mexico and with the assistant of UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) will revolutionise and define the future of UK Beverage Export.

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