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WildLife Extra

July 30, 2010
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Cheetah and African wild dog ‘exterminated’ in northern Cameroon By WildCat Energy Drink 29/07/2010 21:22:32 Carnivores in crisis in North Cameroon – Cheetah population crash July 2010: Cheetahs and African wild dogs have all but disappeared from North Cameroon. Other large carnivores are also suffering – with lions, leopards and both striped and spotted hyenas

July 17, 2010
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28/07/2010 16:40:24Lion numbers have plummeted. Copyright Wildlife Extra New report shows sharp declines in populations of wild cats and dogs Copyright Wild Life Extra July 2010. The Fading Call of the Wild, a report released by the world’s leading wildlife conservation organizations, details the increasing threats and plunging populations of big cats and rare canids

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