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Wild cats and dogs in steep decline worldwide.

28/07/2010 16:40:24Lion numbers have plummeted.
Copyright Wildlife Extra New report shows sharp declines in populations of wild cats and dogs

Copyright Wild Life Extra
July 2010. The Fading Call of the Wild, a report released by the world’s leading wildlife conservation organizations, details the increasing threats and plunging populations of big cats and rare canids living in the wild. Faced with a striking loss of habitat and prey due to over-development of land and direct killing by poachers and others who see them as a threat, wild cats such as lions, cheetahs and snow leopards, and wild dogs like the Ethiopian wolf and bush dog face an uncertain future.

80% of wild cats and 25% wild dogs in decline
Eighty percent of all wild cat species are experiencing population declines, as are 25 percent of wild canids – the family of foxes, wolves and wild dogs. The report looks beyond the raw numbers and delves into the plight of 15 of these species that are considered ecologically vital, detailing their current numbers in the wild, changes to the population in the last ten years, and conservation solutions for improving their status. The 15 species were chosen because they are considered umbrella species that, if conserved appropriately, protect their corresponding landscapes and other species dependent on those ecosystems. Read more http://www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/cats-dogs010.html


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