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WildCat Energy Drink – Business Practices and Policies

Business Practices and Policies
Our licensees are advised to consider the following business practices and take into account the manner in which the brand is operated:

a) Assess Yourself: Undertake a personal audit or self-assessment (we recommend Clifton Strengths Finder) to identify strengths and weaknesses. Work to your strengths and address your weaknesses. Recognise your reasons for becoming a Licensee and be very clear about your objectives and goals.

B) Stay Committed: When team members don’t trust each other, they devote a lot of time to avoiding conflict rather than airing their real opinions and working to find common ground. A state of perpetual ambiguity ensues, in which clear goals and strategies fail to emerge out of group discussion. Staying committed to the team’s initiative means creating an atmosphere where conflict is welcomed, not feared, because differing perspectives help to shape a clear goal.

C) Surround Yourself With A Good Team: When you become a WildCat Licensee, you become responsible for production, sales, customer care, customer service, financing, collecting bad debts, book-keeping, marketing and advertising the Company’s products. But it is not essential that you undertake all of these tasks unaided. It will be more cost-effective to allow professional and experienced people in particular sectors to assume some ‘chores’ with which you are not comfortable and thus allowing you the time to undertake those with which you are, paying for their work and employment from the increased turnover you will be earning.

And there are many other practices that WildCat considers during the course of the business operations. For further information and understanding please visit www.wildcatenergydrinks.com

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