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WildCat Distributor’s Financial Planning Standards

Financial Planning:

Managing a financially viable branding / distributional business, meeting all financial obligations and investing on a timely basis to improve the brands competitive position in the marketplace is the key to financial planning.

This Standard has two components: Financial Performance and Re-investment. Both standards must be met by the candidate.

The Licensee may need to comply going forward, with the following standards, measurement tools and guidelines include:

a) The Licensee’s debt to equity ratio must be less than 3:1.
b) The Licensees cash flow is adequate to cover annual debt service payments and re-invest in the business.
c) The manufacture and distribution business has adequate working capital to cover its current liabilities.

These points are viewed as a whole in determining the financial viability of signing with any of the Licensees and the business as a whole.

Failure to meet one of these measurements does not necessarily indicate that the Licensees determination to operate in accordance with the brands distributions business, which may not be considered financially viable, but will be taken into account in assessing whether this Standard has been met by the Company.

We welcome businesses across the globe to come and discuss the potentials of becoming a wildcat energy drink licensee.

Further information visit www.wildcatenergydrinks.com or email info@wildcatenergydrinks.com

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