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WildCat Energy Drink Global Partnership – New Term

‘New Term’ is the grant of a new License Agreement to operate an existing territory after the existing franchise license or distribution license agreement expires.

There are two key concepts in WildCat’s New Term philosophy. Firstly, WildCat does not grant any right to renewal. Secondly, each territory and Licensee is considered on an individual basis.

The most important part in the New Term evaluation, is the long-term Quality and Service.

Other significant factors include:

  • The Franchisees quality of operation of the entire brand direction
  • Level of personal involvement in the day-to-day operation of the business
  • Including operational proficiency and commitment
  • An effective distribution programme
  • Fully functional manufacturing system
  • Co-operation with an attitude toward the business policy and brand operation
  • Degree of aggressiveness in marketing
  • Realisation of maximum sales
  • Advertising participation and co-op involvement
  • Presentation, management ability and depth of management
  • Distribution development and practices
  • Reinvestment in the business to maintain a modern competitive distribution and marketing strategy
  • Financial payment history to WildCat, suppliers and others

To become a WildCat franchisee please email us at info@wildcatenergydrinks.com

Furthemore, to keep updated on the latest WildCat news, visit our LinkedIn brand marketing page or the News section on our website.

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