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WildCat Energy Drink Scenario Planning

WildCat Energy Drink: Scenario Planning

All our licensees engage with scenario planning and use it as a tool to think about the future in a structured manner.

Scenario planning is used in the process of making a big decision like a large investment, so to evaluate the different scenarios that could emerge and make a plan of action for each.

A widely used method of how to implement scenario planning is as follows and is presented in four different steps;

Step 1; Identify your driving forces. Discuss how politics, economics, the environment and technology in the future will affect your company.

Step 2; Identify your critical uncertainties. Pick 2 of your driving forces as uncertainties; an example of this for WildCat may be the availability of Aluminium.

Step 3; Develop a range of possible scenarios of how could these uncertainties affect your business

Step 4. Discuss the implications of these scenarios. Discuss what strategies and tactics can be put in place in order to minimise the damage that negative scenarios may have to the profitability of the business.

Also discuss what strategies can be used to capitalise on a scenario that may be an opportunity to gain market power.

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