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WildCat Energy Drink Franchise Franchise Opportunity Partnership

WildCat will only franchise to an individual; it will not grant a franchise to a limited company, limited liability partnership or other partnership.

WildCat Energy Drink Franchise

The only exception to this is where WildCat grants a Developmental Licence an investment over 3 -5 years. The individual Franchisee is responsible, at all times, for complying with the terms and conditions set out in the franchise agreement, this business policy and any other agreements between WildCat and the Franchisee. Therefore, only the approved individual Franchisee may sign the franchise agreement and any other agreements.

The Franchisee must permit WildCat and its authorised agents to inspect the manufacturing, production, co-filling and distribution plant and each part thereof and all records in relation thereto at all reasonable times. This is to verify the Franchisee’s compliance with each of the terms of the agreements signed.

The Franchise Agreement is the most important element of WildCat’s business model and is what has bought the WildCat brand the success it enjoys today.

For this reason the Licensee must make every effort to uphold the basis of the franchise agreement both to avoid a breakdown in communications and, ultimately, failure.

Any potential Licensee should note that a franchise agreement is slightly weighted towards a Licensor in terms of profitability in any scenario, this is primarily because the Licensor is the provider of the opportunity.

For further details on franchising the brand and covered territories contact us info@wildcatenergydrinks.com or visit

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